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Meet the face
behind the posts

I would like to present to you the story of a child, a child whose childhood was very different from his expectations of what tomorrow or the distant future will bring.

Many times I woke up and already created my own ideological world, a world in which I wanted more to transform into something unforgettable every day. I could say that as a child I was a big dreamer. The reality was a little different than expected. Growing up on a farm, I dreamed of big cities, new people and adventures. I knew that if I wanted major changes, big steps would be needed.

The first change was that I moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Slovenia. When I moved to Slovenia, it meant a new environment and a new opportunity for me. My dream brought me to this point.

Today I can say that I have already made a big part of my dreams come true and that is that I am happy to do what I want, it has brought you into my life.

An audience that inspires me and inspires me for new ideas Social networks have helped me as a tool to express myself in my best honest image, where without a hair on my tongue I present my thoughts, day, crazy locations or the most polished just the flow of transformation.

I can say that I have a lot of “ticks” on my wish list, but this is just the beginning. Every time I travel somewhere I try and see, I come across something unknown. Does the wish list even end? My goal is to encourage someone, maybe even bring their dreams to come true.

Let yourself dream. Welcome to my world, where screams are positive, smile from the heart and maybe I will brighten your day :)

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